Thursday, 10 September 2015

Boy Meets Girl Blog Ep.2

So today Was Episode 2 on BBC 2 of 
Boy Meets Girl
The premise is the story line of the 2 main characters 
Leo ( Harry Hepple ) And Judy ( Rebecca Root )
Who find each other and starts the story of their developing relationship

So if you still haven't watched chef the first episode 
Where have you been 
Watch out there is spoilers in this 
So Episode 2 did not disappoint and 
Was another great 
Now my last post on this has had over 400 views 
and 110 page likes and comments 
So I'm hoping the picture writing combo works 

Any way 
The family are gathered around the family front room 
On the sofa conversing talking bout dating apps 
The phone rings 
It's just calling for Leo 
But he's in bed so his mum answers the phone 

So she finds out that they are having a 2nd date 
and decide to gatecrash their date 

Now the writing for this part is genius there is some cracking lines 
There is an old school friend in the pub 
Leo's family including brother 
Judys mum turns up then her sister does 

The scary part is I have seen this happen in real life 
That's why it makes such a connection for me 
They sit down for drug his and food 
And Judy and Leo discuss telling his parents about her situation 
To where Leo's dad offers some sage old advice to him 
To which any man should take heed off 

Whilst they are talking Leo's brother gets some advice from his dad 
On the topic of picking up women in bars 
To which more writing is involved 
You kinda get the feel that Keith (the dad) 
Is the wise one with all the knowledge 
And the mum is slowly getting pissed on the bottle of vodka in her bag 

They debate on whether to tell his parents and they both agree to it 
It cuts to the bar and Leo's brother is trying to pick up women 
To which the best chat up line I have ever seen used 
He slides his wallet across the bar 
And says .......
You passed the test 
I left my wallet on the bar to see if you would take it..... 
Something cheesy across those lines 
But it worked and he rushes bk to his dad for some op money as 
He is obviously skint 
But he met a girl in a bar just like his parents did 

Tom Jones then comes on and everyone gets up to dance 
Judy goes up on the microphone to make the big announcement 
But she couldn't go through with it but both 
Of them end up with smiles on their faces 
And the episode finished there 
So they killed meeting the family and sitting down for a meal and drinks 
All with one stone in this episode 
Once again quality writing 
Genius lines and great acting 
I'm just gutted this series is only a short one 
I wish the BBC would maybe pick it up for another season 

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