Saturday, 19 September 2015

Boy Meets Girl Blog Ep.3

I know. Know 
I'm a day late writing my blog post but 
Work got in the way 
Any way here is my blog for episode 3 of #BoyMeetsGirl 
The premise is the story line of the 2 main characters 
Leo ( Harry Hepple ) And Judy ( Rebecca Root )
Who find each other and starts the story of their developing relationship

So I have just sat down on Saturday afternoon and watched this weeks episode 
It was another great episode this week 
Now if we remember last week both families met for the first time 

And it was quite the entertaining episode 
Leo and Judys relationship is blossoming nicely 
But his parents still have not been told about Judy 
Who used to me a man 

In this episode 
The men of the house have to go into the salon and help out for the day 
While Leo and Judy go on another date to an art exhibition 

Ironically the art exhibition is about transitioning people 
To where Judy tells Leo about the surgery and all the details 
As Leo remarks to the (medical terms) 
For anatomy of the human body 
Still quite entertaining 
She shows him how the operation is done by cleverly 
Using the sleeve of a jacket which in 
Laments terms is actually the easiest way of explaining it 

Cut yo back to the salon Judys 
Crazy mum and sister turn up not to the delight of 
Leo's mam but she gets her own back and makes the dad and son 
do waxing sessions on the mum and daughter which is quite funny 
Bless them 

So Judy and Leo leave the art expo and decide to head off bowling 
As Leo and his brother were going to be doing that any way 
This is Where I feel most transgendered people 
Could relate to one of the most gripping scenes of the show so far 
2 youths start to give them trouble about Judy 

Calling her 'thing' and Leo does not like it one bit 
I think they call it the ignorance of youth 
But words are exchanged and 
Leo's dumb witted side steps forward and says if they say anything again he will hit them 
They did and he didn't 
What happened next was genius 
Judy who we find out later used to be a boxer 
Square knocks one of the boys out 
with the meanest right hook you have ever seen 
To which they run away and leave the bowing laughing 
The touchy moments is the scene after where 
Leo asks in future whether he can be the one 
who sorts of the trouble to which she agrees 
To which I think is nice cause she has never really been treated like a woman before 
That is my interpretation of some of the scenes in the show

I don't know what it is about this show 
Whether it's the writing or the acting 
It all just seems to bring a warm feeling in my heart when I watch each episode 
Whether it's Leo's unknowingly charm and trying to understand the situations or the looks on Judys face when he dies something sweet and affectionate 
It just seems to resonate through the screen 
Add in the comedy of the 2 families out together 
You have a hit tv show 
To which I think it is 
So if you haven't watched it 
Go and check it out 
And if for some reason you don't live in the uk I'm sure 
There are ways in which the program can be viewed 
So we are now how way through the episodes and
I'm dubious to what will happen and how it will never up 
Will they film more episodes or will this just be it 
Who knows ??? 
I need to know ..................

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