Thursday, 10 September 2015

#StephenInIreland Day 3

So today I went on an open top tour bus around Cork
The video link is here 
It's a time lapse video from the open top bus 

The place is pretty spectacular and full of culture and history 
From what I am told the city is still developing 
And growing in diversity 

The open top bus takes 1hr25 and takes you on a tour of 
The whole of cork from the city to the rural parts 
And it boast 18000sqaure meters of greens and parklands 
Which for the largest city in Ireland is pretty amazing 
The trip costs €13 which is a reasonable price 
I visited 
The Enlgish Market which was a rich and wide market 
It's the largest indoor market in Europe and was visited by 
The queen Her majesty herself 
The market was 1st opened in 1610 

The wide range of stalls and kiosks are amazing 
And it's full of everything you could want to buy 
Especially anything to do with food 
Oh my god there was food everywhere 
And it all looked so amazing 
There is awhile blog post coming up on that tomorrow 

You get taken to the main station that connects Cork with Dublin 

Next is Shandon Bells 
The church if St Anne which is famous for having 8 bells
Which first rang on 7th December 1752
This is also know as the Four faced Liar

Next stop was Cork City Gaol (Jail) 
The prison was opened in 1824 and closed in 1923 
Renowned as the Women's Gaol 

A spectacular escape was made from here in November 1923 
Hence why they closed it down 
Out the front of the prison in 3 holes over the door at the top 
Of the building 
These holes are from where convicts were hung in front of people 

Along the route next is UCC (University College Cork)
The campus is large and now expands across the whole city 
But the main site first opened its doors 
Way back on the 7th November 1849 

After this we travel back round the city 
Passed the city hall and back to the start of the tour 
This is such a great scenic tour and I learnt lots of 
Information about the city 
It is defiantly worth the visit 
Below is the link of Cork and what to do 

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