Wednesday, 9 September 2015

#StephenInIreland Day 2

So today was my first full day in Ireland 
I got off the plane and we headed straight out on our first adventure 

Here is the link to the video 

But I am writing my adventure too 
We dropped our bags of at the house and Sonja and the girls 
Told me we were heading straight out 
So we headed to Cobh know as queens town 
Just outside cork 

This is where the last of the tender boats 
were moored that picked up the last 123 people 
that were taking the fateful journey on the RMS Titanic 
The white star offices and docks are located here and the was a 
Centre set up for the titanic centerany year of 2012 

We had the tour around the museum 
Where they had replica copies of cabins and the boats 
And gave the full story of the titanic 
All its facts and figures 
And the fateful journey of the last people 
That were to board the titanic 

We left the exhibition and I picked up some souvenirs 
Later on that day we took the ferry back across and headed back to the house 
The evening was spent in the family house 
we ate dinner and waited for Noaise to come home 
where we sat up watched some TV and 
Sonja filmed me trying to talk Irish from a child's text book 
It was very difficult 

So I headed to bed at about 12:30 
And uploaded 2 videos and write a blog post 
So that was day 1 blog 
Hope you all come back for tomorrow's ! 
On another exciting adventure in Ireland with me 

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