Monday, 31 July 2017

Mobile Phone Mount by Mokoh

Product Details
Universal Mobile Phone Mount for Car by Mokoh

Blenders, Umbrellas, Doorknobs and Barbecue Ribs - You're not going to be able to keep any of those in place with our magnetic holder. Smartphones, Tablets and GPS devices however, well...we've got you covered.

You'll Thank Yourself

Tired of spending 2 hours browsing 3000 songs on iTunes to make a playlist for that upcoming long drive when you could be spending those same 2 hours watching cat videos on YouTube? Our Adjustable device mount gives you the ability to change safely on the fly!

Incorporate our holder seamlessly into your everyday life. Have your map app right under your nose and keep yourself busy at that one red light that has a thing for you. It works through all cases and can be installed onto most standard air vents thanks to the 2-size rubberized grip.

Since the phone holder is air vent mounted not windshield or dashboard mounted, it keeps your field of vision (and the rest of your vehicle) clear of unnecessary clutter. 

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